• Best & Worst Sporting Moments of 2015

    I love the emotion of sport - it's a big reason of why I'm undertaking a documentary series like Sport Shorts - we remember those big moments and where we were at the time.

    The biggest moment of the year for me was the Bautista bat flip. I'll never forget the raw emotion of that 7th inning culminating in that home run to deep left field, sweeping most of Canada off it's feet...and me, screaming at the TV down in little New Zealand.

    As well as being a filmmaker, I work at 3News (New Zealand) as a video editor. Usually it's the day-to-day editing of news stories, but from time to time you'll get the opportunity to be creative and add your personal flair.

    Together, Reporter Ross McNaughton and I compiled our favourite images of the year and then I was left to play and create, crafting the edit to Lorde's 'Yellow Flicker Beat' - Ross picked the music and it works so perfectly for this piece.

    This is the best and worst sporting moments of 2015. What's your favourite?